Corbyn ‘proud to present Walter Wolfgang’ with award

Jeremy Corbyn posted this video and comments after he visited Labour CND Vice President Walter Wolfgang in his home to hand over in person a Labour Party merit award.

Nuclear Education Trust launches Defence Diversification report

‘Employment in the UK arms industry has been in decline for several decades and is likely to continue,’ said Barnaby Pace, at the parliamentary launch of a Nuclear Education Trust report he authored, Defence Diversification: International learning for Trident jobs.

This decline is ‘due to the increasingly capital intensive nature of the work carried out in the UK, as well as automation, globalised supply chains, limited increases in defence spending and a highly competitive arms export market.’

Despite the 2016 vote to replace Trident, ‘uncertainties remain over the future of the programme’, Pace asserted – its affordability, technical feasibility, and the possibility that it will be scaled back or wound down in the event of a change of government.

The meeting, hosted by Labour’s Shadow Defence and Disarmament Minister Fabian Hamilton, included presentations by Paul Nowak, TUC Deputy General Secretary and Chris Williamson MP, and was followed by a round-table discussion.

Stop the War’s 2018 annual meeting

Labour CND was a prominent participant in Stop the War’s annual meeting on Saturday 1 September. Vice President Walter Wolfgang and Co-Chair Carol Turner (second and third right) joined a pack auditorium for the opening session which included Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad, pictured here at the rostrum, and CND General Secretary Kate Hudson.

A motion from Labour CND identified the increased risks nuclear confrontation since President Trump took office, highlighting the nuclear expansion heralded by the recently published US National Security Assessment and Nuclear Posture Review. It called for closer work between STW, CND and Labour CND to bring these issues to public attention. In Kate Hudson took up this theme in her opening speech to conference and urged the audience to call time on the special US-UK relationship.

Our Democracy Review submission

Labour CND has made a submission to the Labour Party Democracy Review.


How party democracy helps get a Labour government elected

A Labour government will only be voted into office if the electorate is convinced that the party’s commitments – on international as well as domestic policies – are equitable, fair and in the interests of society as a whole, not simply the few elites who exercise political, economic and social power.

In the last analysis, it’s policies that win elections. We believe that the most effective way of ensuring Labour hits the spot with the electorate is by:

  • electing a party leader who respects our members, and is prepared to listen to and reflect our views, recognising that half a million people provide a significant cross-section of opinion in British society as a whole;
  • greater involvement of members in deciding the policies contained in Labour’s manifesto;
  • ensuring CLPs and affiliates have clear and fair access to local, regional and national policy-making; and
  • integrating party members into policy-making structures at all levels.

Over a number of years differences of opinion within the party have been actively discouraged in the mistaken assumption that uniformity of view equates to unity of purpose. It does not. Debate is positive, not divisive. It guarantees issues are properly aired so that sound policy decisions can be reached.

Download full text:

LabCND democracy review submission

CND statement on Syria bombing

CND strongly condemn these air strikes on Syria, which are in defiance of international law. They will only increase the likelihood of this terrible conflict spilling over into the wider Middle East and potentially beyond that.

We also condemn Theresa May’s decision to bypass parliament which demonstrates a contempt for the necessary democratic process. She has also disregarded public opinion in launching these strikes; polls indicate that only 22% of the population support this bombing campaign.

CND works for the prevention and cessation of wars in which nuclear weapons may be used and there can be no clearer example of such a situation than that which we are currently facing. Diplomatic and political solutions must be sought. Nuclear escalation poses consequences too terrible to contemplate.

CND book launch

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson (pictured right) launched her new book, CND at 60: Britain’s most enduring mass movement, at Friends House on 8 March. In conversation with Victoria Brittain (pictured left), she discussed what prompted her to update CND’s history and read passages from her book before answering audience questions.

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Labour NEC election results

Congrats Rachel, Jasmine, Jon!

Elections results are in for the three additional Constituency Labour Party places on the National Executive that 2017 annual conference agreed on. The three Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) candidates swept the board. Chosen to represent the CLGA coalition from among 48 would-be contenders, when the results were announced on 15 January, they’d swept the board – beating the right wing Labour First / Progress slate by an overwhelming majority.

Rachel Garnham, a former member of Labour CND Executive Committee, is a constituency secretary and former rep on Labour’s National Policy Forum. Standing for an NEC place for the first time a first time, her running mates were Jasmine Dar and Jon Lansman. Jon, a founder of Momentum stresses his commitment to a transformative government; and Jasmine, a Manchester City councillor emphasises she’s committed to ‘actions not just words’.

Click here to read their statements in full. 

London CND conference

London CND’s conference on how the world’s shaping up under President Trump is looking good. It’s soon! Saturday 13 January, 12 noon to 5pm at the School of Oriental and African Studies campus.

The event begins with a live link-up with one of America’s leading anti-war activists, Brian Becker of the Answer Coalition. It’s followed by The shape of things to come – a plenary focussing on nuclear challenges and opportunities, with Catherine West MP, Costa Rican Ambassador Enrique Castillo whose country led the global nuclear ban talks at the UN, and former UK UK ambassador to North Korea Jim Hoare.

The second plenary focuses on the Middle East and includes Sami Ramadani, Iraqi Democrats and Stop the War Steering Committee member. And the final session looks at campaigning for change, with Molly Scott Cato MEP and student and Labour activists.

Book your free ticket now via Eventbrite or London CND   020 7607 2302
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