Join Jeremy Corbyn and friends at LabCND’s annual conference


Keynote speech by Fabian Hamilton MP
Shadow Minister for Peace & Disarmament

Roundtable with Jeremy Corbyn
US academic & peace activist Phyllis Bennis
and Gemma Bolton Labour NEC (pers cap)

Nuclear Ban Communities initiative breakout with Emma Dent-Coad and Matt Fawcett

Green Futures breakout with Sam Mason and Rae Street

with a little music from Hugh Greenacre

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There’s plenty happening for our guests to mull over on Sunday:

*** COVID – the government has spent £280 bn on Covid protection measures so far, and there’s still a long way to go. Trident replacement is costing £205 bn. Britain’s nuclear weapons system does nothing to protect us from any of the threats identified by successive UK governments for over a decade. Cancelling the project would go a long way to releasing some urgently-needed extra funding.

*** BUDGET – the UK economy has experienced the largest fall in over 300 years and government borrowing is at its highest ever level outside wartime. Why are we clinging to a nuclear weapons system that costs the earth?

*** MILITARY SPENDING – according to the Chancellor, the UK economy’s shrunk by 10%, so why are the Tories increasing MoD spending by 10% a year for the lifetime of this parliament? Labour CND is lobbying the Labour leadership not to support this increase.

*** TRIDENT – a recent edition of BBC Newsnight revealed the Tory government is lobbying President Biden to renew Trump’s commitment to funding the nuclear warhead which it shares with the UK’s Trident system, following the new administration’ announcement that it’s considering cutting back its $19 billion military spending package

*** GREEN NEW DEAL – nuclear, the elephant in the room

*** TREATY ON THE PROHIBITION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS – the TPNW passed into international law in January. The British government has said it will never sign up. Learn how the Nuclear Ban Communities initiative is chipping away at the impass

Statement from Fabian Hamilton

Fabian Hamilton: I didn’t shout at Margaret Hodge for staying in the Government, even though I had voted against the Iraq war.

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament, himself a Jew, reports that he was confronted by Margaret Hodge for not defending her for calling Jeremy Corbyn anti-semitic and a racist. He told the i newspaper: ‘shortly after she allegedly lost her temper with Jeremy Corbyn, I got the next blast in the Lobby when she shouted at me for still remaining on the Front Bench and it wasn’t very calm or dignified. In fact, even as a hardened politician with 21 years’ experience in Parliament, I came away slightly upset and a little angry at being the butt of her frustration with Jeremy Corbyn. I recalled that when she was a Minister during the Iraq war, I didn’t shout at her for staying in the Government even though I had voted against the war.’


A Minister for Peace and Disarmament

Wednesday 11th October, 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Wilson Room, Portcullis House, Victoria Embankment, SW1A 2JR


Fabian Hamilton MP, Labour Shadow Peace and Disarmament Minister
Christine Shawcroft, Labour Party National Executive Committee
Daniel Blaney, Labour CND

Fifty three countries signed the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on 20 September, the first day it opened for signature. But the UK government has refused ever to sign it. Labour’s manifesto promises to create a Minister for Peace and Disarmament, part of its commitment to reducing human suffering caused by war by focussing on protecting civilians, conflict prevention and resolution, and peace-building, London CND asks if and how these policies can reshape the war culture of past decades.

All welcome


CND at Labour Party conference

If you’re visiting Brighton be sure to say hello to CND. We have a stall there and are holding a fringe meeting on Sunday evening, details below. 


Cancel Trident replacement, support the nuclear ban treaty

Sunday 24 September 6pm to 7.30pm
St Paul’s Church, West Street, Brighton
(5 minutes from the Conference Centre)


Diane Abbott MP
Shadow Home Secretary




Fabian Hamilton MP
Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament



Christine Blower
International Sec, National Education Union

Christine Shawcroft
Labour NEC




George Downs
National Policy Forum