Nominate for Labour’s national committees

The Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) has agreed unified slates for the National Women’s Committee, the National Constitutional Committee and the Conference Arrangements Committee. Although members’ eyes are inclined to glaze over at the mention of elections to these bodies, all of them are vitally important for defending democracy and members’ rights in the Labour Party.

The CLGA supported members of the National Women’s Committee have done excellent work supporting women and calling for the reinstatement of a standalone Women’s Conference. Unfortunately, despite their campaigning, this year’s Women’s Conference is just one day tacked onto the beginning of the Annual Conference in Liverpool. The members of the Women’s Committee will be elected by delegates to the Women’s Conference, so it is important to select delegates who support the work that has been done and needs to continue.

There are also positions up for election on the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) which deals with disciplinary issues, and the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) which organises conference business. They are also to be voted on by delegates to Annual Conference, part of anti-democratic moves away from one member, one vote ballots. OMOV was only brought in for national committees in the first place because the then General Secretary couldn’t ensure that there was no interference from Party staff during elections amongst Conference delegates!

The NCC is very important to try and ensure due process and justice for members faced with disciplinary action from the Party. The CLGA members on the CAC are vital to try and prevent constituency resolutions being ruled out of order for spurious reasons, and to try and allocate more time at Conference for delegates and less for the platform.

Members have until 12 noon on Friday, 23 June to get their CLP to nominate the CLGA-recommended candidates, but don’t leave it till the last minute! CLPD have made candidate statements for all three elections available on their website. That is also the last date to nominate Conference delegates and putting forward Constitutional Amendments (Rule Changes).

There are no National Executive Committee elections this year.

Last chance to vote for #JC9

Balloting for Labour’s National Executive Committee and National Policy Forum elections ends on Thursday 30 August. If you’ve not done so already, cast your votes now for the teams Jeremy Corbyn needs to support his peace and anti-war policies.

VOTE FOR #JC9 TEAM on Labour’s NEC

About Labour’s Democracy Review

The Labour Party Democracy Review was initiated by Jeremy Corbyn and is being conducted by his political secretary, former MP Katy Clark who reports that thousands of submissions, mainly by individuals, have already been received.

The Review has been discussed by the NEC at its October and November 2017 meetings, which received reports on the timetable and terms of reference. The January 2018 NEC took a preliminary report on the first stage of the Review.

When the Review is completed, Clark will report to Corbyn and Ian Lavery MP, Labour Party chair, who will advise the NEC on rule changes to be brought forward to annual conference.

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National Executive Committee Report

Jeremy Corbyn welcomed newly elected members Rachel Garnham, a former member of Labour CND executive committee, Yasmine Dar, and Jon Lansman to their first National Executive Committee meeting on 23 January, highlighting that the NEC had a female majority. A list of all NEC members is available here.

All members of the NEC are members of the National Policy Forum which oversees the development of party policy and forms the basis of Labour’s general election manifesto. The NEC is also responsible for party rules and candidate selection processes.

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Labour NEC election results

Congrats Rachel, Jasmine, Jon!

Elections results are in for the three additional Constituency Labour Party places on the National Executive that 2017 annual conference agreed on. The three Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) candidates swept the board. Chosen to represent the CLGA coalition from among 48 would-be contenders, when the results were announced on 15 January, they’d swept the board – beating the right wing Labour First / Progress slate by an overwhelming majority.

Rachel Garnham, a former member of Labour CND Executive Committee, is a constituency secretary and former rep on Labour’s National Policy Forum. Standing for an NEC place for the first time a first time, her running mates were Jasmine Dar and Jon Lansman. Jon, a founder of Momentum stresses his commitment to a transformative government; and Jasmine, a Manchester City councillor emphasises she’s committed to ‘actions not just words’.

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