About Labour’s Democracy Review

The Labour Party Democracy Review was initiated by Jeremy Corbyn and is being conducted by his political secretary, former MP Katy Clark who reports that thousands of submissions, mainly by individuals, have already been received.

The Review has been discussed by the NEC at its October and November 2017 meetings, which received reports on the timetable and terms of reference. The January 2018 NEC took a preliminary report on the first stage of the Review.

When the Review is completed, Clark will report to Corbyn and Ian Lavery MP, Labour Party chair, who will advise the NEC on rule changes to be brought forward to annual conference.

Review basics

The Democracy Review’s full terms of reference are published here and include the following areas/issues of potential interest to Labour CND:

  • Developing democratic policy-making procedures, including strengthening the role of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and of Party Conference, the role of contemporary motions and the development of local and regional plans.
  • Looking at how the Party can better deal with CLP motions.
  • Strengthening the involvement and participation of our hundreds of thousands of new members in constituency parties and other aspects of the Party’s work.
  • Recruitment of members to further develop a mass party.

The Review takes place in three stages, known as Tracks 1, 2 and 3 as follows:

Democracy Review stages Issues covered Deadline for submissions
Tranche 1 BAME Labour, Young Labour, and Women’s Conference submissions Friday 12 January 2018


Tranche 2 CLP governance, strengthening members involvement & participation, building mass movement, social media, the role of socialist societies, diversity and gender representation Friday 23 March 2018


Tranche 3 Rules for leadership elections, local government, regional structures, NEC composition, freeze dates, policymaking structures, local and national links with trade unions Friday 29 June 2018



Making a submission

Submissions opened on 1 November 2017. Submissions may be made online here or emailed to democracy@labour.org.uk. Individuals may make online submissions on behalf of Labour Party bodies / affiliates.

Online submissions are divided into six categories:

  • Building a mass movement
  • How we make policy
  • Diversity and participation
  • Your local Labour Party
  • Electing our leadership, and
  • The way we work.

Online submissions are make in the form of answers to questions (250 words max) in each of the six categories. Longer submissions can be emailed.

Draft submissions  

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy has organised a series of working groups which will produce model submissions on each area of the Democracy Review. Carol Turner, Labour CND’s rep to the CLPD EC is participating in the working group on policy processes including CLP motions. Momentum is also conducting a survey of its members and is supporting CLPD model submissions.

Labour CND’s role

Labour CND will make a submission on policy formation. We encourage all CND members who are members of the Labour Party to participate and make submissions. Labour CND will publish suggestions to assist.