New date set for LabCND Annual General Meeting

Labour CND’s 2022 AGM will take place on Monday 18 July at 7pm, with our guest speaker CND Gen Sec Kate Hudson. If you are a member of the Labour Party and of CND you are eligible to participate and should notify Labour CND of your intention at

When you do so, you’ll be sent details of how to make nominations and submit motions, together with a copy of Labour CND’s Constitution/Standing Orders.

Motions & nominations open Monday 4th July
Close after 11 days (Monday 11th July
Motions circulated to those who have registered, asking for any proposed amendments by 14th July.
There will be a registration process to indicate eligibility. Deadline to join CND of 11th.

Space: Trump’s next frontier

President Trump recently announced the formation of a US space force, saying: ‘it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance.’ Oxford CND and others have called a demonstration at USAF Croughton, a US communication base in Northamptonshire. Keep Space for Peace: No Space Force takes place 12 noon to 4pm on Saturday 6 October. Check out the details and join us there.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson is urging support: ‘As if President Trump isn’t causing enough trouble already: trade wars with China, trashing the Iranian nuclear deal, on/off nuclear confrontation with North Korea, destabilising Venezuela, offending his erstwhile European allies… the list goes on and on. Now he’s instructed the Department of Defense and the Pentagon to set up a sixth branch of the armed forces: the Space Force.’

CND book launch

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson (pictured right) launched her new book, CND at 60: Britain’s most enduring mass movement, at Friends House on 8 March. In conversation with Victoria Brittain (pictured left), she discussed what prompted her to update CND’s history and read passages from her book before answering audience questions.

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CND at 60: book launch

CND invites you to the launch of CND at 60, a new book by Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND.

This book is timed to coincide with CND’s 60th anniversary, drawing on archive material and interviews with activists from across the decades, and situating CND’s current work in the context of the Trump presidency and increasing global tensions around nuclear weapons.

Listen to Kate Hudson read from CND at 60 here:

Register for the event here.