CND book launch

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson (pictured right) launched her new book, CND at 60: Britain’s most enduring mass movement, at Friends House on 8 March. In conversation with Victoria Brittain (pictured left), she discussed what prompted her to update CND’s history and read passages from her book before answering audience questions.

The history of the CND, Hudson says, is the history of ‘those fighting for humanity against the horrors of war… the story of ordinary people’s struggles to shape a world without nuclear weapons and war based on legality and morality, to make governments responsive and accountable over our right to stay alive’.

Bruce Kent commented: ‘Kate Hudson has done us all a great service in bringing the history of CND up to date. Her book is the record of 60 years of struggle for genuine international security and a world fee from the ever-present perils of nuclear weapons.’

CND at 60 is available from Public Reading Rooms, price £12.95 post free.