Putting nuclear behind us

Helensborough CND’s conference considers the links between nuclear weapons and civil nuclear power. Labour CND committee member Rae Street is among the speakers, contributing on CND’s No to Nuclear Power campaign. Register now to hear an impressive list of specialists including Beyond Nuclear founder Linda Pentz Gunter and Arthur West, Scottish CND’s Trade Union Network and conference chair.

No Need For Nuclear

Labour CND recently participated in the conference No Need For Nuclear: The Renewables Are Here, which took place at Conway Hall, London, on 17th June 2017. Below are two short videos, which include presentations by Dr Carl Clowes, Public Health Wales, and Kelvin Hopkins, Labour MP for Luton North. 

Welcome Session
Dr Ian Fairlie, Dr Carl Clowes, Caroline Lucas, Kate Hudson.

Can Labour change its policy on nuclear new build?
Kelvin Hopkins MP