Balloting opens for Labour’s NEC & NPF

Cast your vote to strengthen support for nuclear disarmament on two of the party’s most important national bodies. Ballots for the election of Constituency Labour Party reps on Labour’s National Executive Committee and National Policy go out from 26 June; Conference delegates elect the National Constitutional Committee rep.


Nine CLP reps are up for election in a one-member-one-vote ballot, and must include at least four women. They’ll serve for a two year term starting October 2018. The joint left slate, supported by Momentum, and Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, includes Rachel Garnham and Ann Henderson, both with strong associations with Labour CND.

NEC candidates leaflet


NPF reps are elected in a regional wide one-member-one-vote ballot. CLPs elect five representatives from each region to serve on the NPF for two years. One of the five candidates elected by each region must be a Young Labour rep, and two of the remaining four must be women.

You’ll find many Labour CND supporters on these lists. They include officers and committee members George Downs (NW), Carol Turner (London), and Carol Wilcox (SW); and CND National Councillor Tom Unterrainer (E Midlands), George McManus (Yorkshire & Humberside) and Russell Cartwright (Eastern).

For a list of Momentum-CLPD candidates click here.  


The CLP place on the National Constitutional Committee will be decided by annual conference delegates. The candidate supported by Labour CND is our Treasurer, Daniel Blaney.