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The following statement by Labour MPs was originally published on the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, 6th August 2011, as a letter in the Guardian. Further names have since been added.

Please add your name and your Constituency Labour Party in support of the statement, in the comment section below.

We regret that the coalition has committed to Trident replacement. At a time of severe spending cuts across the public sector, there has been no critical  assessment of Trident’s role in addressing the UK’s security threats.  No case for replacing Trident has been made. The Labour Party should commit to a defence review that considers non-replacement and disarmament of Trident. We must play our role in building the momentum for international disarmament, by committing our support to a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

Anne Begg MP
Richard Burden MP
Ronnie Campbell MP
Martin Caton MP
Katy Clark MP
Michael Connarty MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Alex Cunningham MP
Ian Davidson MP
Jim Dobbin MP
Frank Dobson MP
Paul Flynn MP
Sheila Gilmore MP
Mary Glindon MP
Fabian Hamilton MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP
Glenda Jackson MP
Cathy Jamieson MP
John McDonnell MP
Michael Meacher MP
Graeme Morrice MP
Yasmin Qureshi MP
Joan Ruddock MP
Emily Thornberry MP

Neil Findlay MSP
Drew Smith MSP


84 Replies to “Trident statement: add your name”

  1. It is about time this Goverment concentrated on spending our money on saving lives, instead of spending Billions of pounds on a system ment for killing millions.
    Have they learent nothing in the past 66 years.


  2. If the Government scrapped Trident, the whole world would be safer. Just imagine what good we could do with £100 billion to spend

  3. What is the point of nuclear weapon systems? The question is scarcely ever asked of governments, and never answered. Some say they prevent wars because these have become unthinkable. But they haven’t. Now small countries without nuclear weapons are attacked by the powerful which possess them, while all means are taken to prevent others acquiring the weapons. We have a world run by a few powerful nations possessing the means to eliminate life on earth. This is the reason why we should abolish Trident.

  4. Trident is quite unnecesary in the 21st century world. It would be only useful as an offensive weapon against a full scale nuclear attack on Britain, so where does the government expect such an attack from? The money would be better spent on improving our society, which is what is really under attack from the spending cuts.

  5. A waste of money as they are only build so that they are never used but yet if you have one you become a target of them.. Wouldn’t want any part of the world to become a Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Semipalatinsk in my name.

  6. Our navy now has no aircraft carriers and no prospects within the next 10 years of having one which planes can fly from! To cap it all we have just smashed up newly manufactured reconnaisance aircraft because we cant afford them. Meanwhile over the next ten years a spend of £100B is planned on illegal unusable nuclear weapons, which if cancelled would release money to to help fund the navy we need and to save the NHS from slow death by starvation.

  7. Teresa Murray and Derek Munton, Rochester and Strood CLP – Trident is a costly irrelevance, we are still unfortunately involved in two wars in which peole are being killed and maimed, daily. Trident is not relevant to either of them. Think back over the last 50 years,we have not been involved in any war in whichTrident could have been used.Looking forward to the next 50 years, it’s impossible to imagine a war in which Trident could be used. The money could be used to fight the war against povety and promote peace.

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