Where is the outrage over Yemen?

Labour CND committee member Rae Street is doing her single-handed best to keep the UK government’s shameful role in the war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen in full view, with regular letters to the national press. Here’s why….

Understandably, there is at the moment much in the media about the war in Ukraine where there is absolute carnage. However, what is not understandable is the complete lack of coverage of other conflicts in Somalia, Gaza, Ethiopia, but especially the  war in the Yemen. 

The Campaign Against Arms Trade estimates that over 377,000 have died  in the Yemen, either directly through the fighting or indirectly from hunger and disease. Shelter Box, the donations point for the charity Shelter, is appealing for funds for shelters which they are now managing to get through to the Yemen.

Their leaflet describes Yemeni families living in ‘nests’, that is a form of pitiful shelter built from scraps of metal and material.  I have never before heard the word ‘nest’ used in that way.

The UK government has been instrumental in bringing this about. The UK is part of the Saudi-led coalition and it is UK arms, including fighter planes from BAE Systems, which have been sold to Saudi Arabia.

Those arms are currently pounding the Yemen and murdering the people.  It is shameful that the UK government supports Saudi Arabia.  The UK should not be in the war coalition, should not be selling and shipping arms to Saudi Arabia.

Where is the outrage at the humanitarian catastrophe there?