Labour’s Policy Forum: Speak up on Trident

Checked out the Labour Party website lately? If so, you’ll have noticed that one of the changes takes you to a Policy Forum page where you can have your say about any of Labour’s policy commissions. You can make a submission on a topic of your choice, click on the ‘get involved’ tab at the top of the page  or comment and vote on other people’s submissions.

The International Policy Commission includes defence issues, as well as foreign policy, international development, and Britain’s future relationship with Europe. The Commission promises to publish a 2018 consultation on international aid and Sustainable Development Goals – the right place for a submission on the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons perhaps.

But there’s nothing to stop you posting a submission on Trident and nuclear weapons right now. There are some already up there, including a sharp and to-the-point submission from Labour CND committee member Ruth Brown:

Scrap Trident, sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

Commit to Scrap Trident and spend the £205 billion on the NHS and on real defence eg against cyber warfare and terrorism. Commit to sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, because it is Labour policy to support multilateral nuclear disarmament. These policies are what Labour members can do to ease international tension, halt proliferation and halt the slide towards nuclear disaster.

Help us make sure Labour knows Trident’s still an issue – get posting today!